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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Making Your Own Skincare


Any DIY skincare enthusiast will tell you that one of the best things about switching to natural skincare is that it will absolutely positively immeasurably completely transform your skin. And while I can’t guarantee that switching to natural skincare will work for everyone, I can definitely say it’s worth the experiment. 

Here are 10 reasons for switching to natural skincare, with a link to DIY skincare recipes. 

1. It’s affordable.

High ends, luxury cosmetic brands continue to work towards making skincare and cosmetic products primarily celebrating luxury. Exciting and innovative beauty launches. Beautifully designed packaging. Top-notch marketing campaigns. All promising to improve somehow imperfections we don’t like about ourselves. Put a hefty price tag on it, and voila! Products fly off the shelves like hotcakes.  

Besides the fact more expensive isn’t always better, simple natural skincare products require very few readily available ingredients. Consequently, your homemade alternatives might cost you much less than whatever you’re buying now. 

Look at it this way: you can customize your skincare ritual, making it fit your schedule, budget, and lifestyle. If you want to become a skincare expert, there is no need to worry if you can’t find the perfect skincare product. Just do it yourself at home! You can find a vast array of recipes online, try a few and see which ones work best for you! 

2. It’s packed with nutrients.

Take cold-pressed oils, for instance. Many of them are packed with vitamins (A, E, F, D) and nutrients that your skin needs. Vitamin A nourishes and fights wrinkles; Vitamin E protects skin cells from damage; Vitamin F is a powerful antioxidant vital in fighting cancer. And there are essential fatty acids. Take gamma-linolenic acid, for instance. It can help to improve the barrier function; it’s anti-inflammatory and increases cell regeneration. All in all, cold-pressed oils are a nutritious and healthy addition to your natural skincare routine.

Say goodbye to dry and dull skin. 

3. It’s more nourishing, hydrating and soothing than anything you’ve ever tried before!

Many natural ingredients can hydrate and nourish the skin. Honey and aloe vera are popular hydrating ingredients, but there are a lot more. For instance, witch hazel works as a toner that improves the skin tone by tightening the pores, skin and reducing inflammation. 

4. It’s good for your skin

Traditional cleansers and beauty products often contain sulphates and harsh chemicals that can strip your skin of its natural oils. If you’re prone to acne, this can exacerbate the problem, making it more likely to happen in the future. Natural ingredients such honey, witch hazel and aloe vera are gentle on your skin but still have a remedial effect.

You can use natural ingredients, knowing they’re doing your skin a favour. When you choose natural products, you use ingredients that work in harmony with the body and are advantageous for the skin.

5. It’s easy to make.

Many natural DIY creams, scrubs, masks or cleansers don’t require any special equipment. You only need a pot, a spoon, a jar, some good old common sense. Although natural ingredients are good in nature, DIY skincare is all about combining ingredients in a way that will benefit your skin. Experiment with different ingredients, find the right mix for you and see what works. 

For a bit of inspiration, visit humblebeeandme.com. You will find many lovely DIY recipes that look and smell good and are made by Marie Rayma—author of Make It Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care. 

6. You can choose ingredients based on your ethos.

There are many reasons consumers are switching to natural skincare. Some are concerned about the ingredients used in their cosmetics, while others would like their cosmetics to align with their ethos. With an eye to social responsibility, you can choose the ingredients and processing methods right for you and your lifestyle. So whether you pick your ingredients by their environmental impact, animal welfare or the way they are sourced, you can be sure to find a combination that works for you. You can do good and feel good too.

7. Choose your own scent.

Although I wouldn’t describe myself as a fragrance fanatic, I have always been fascinated by the way skincare products smell. I love when people find the right scent for their products, a scent that fits their personality. Selecting your ingredients allows you to create something that expresses who you are.

Natural ingredients have the added benefit of working well in tandem with nature. If you want your beauty regime to be as environmentally friendly as possible, natural ingredients are for you. When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, natural ingredients like hydrosols and essential oils work in synergy with other products and have a light, delicate fragrance infused with the scent of nature. 

8. A plethora of new ingredients to play with.

There is nothing like discovering a new ingredient. It’s like opening a treasure chest full of little gems. The natural ingredients used in DIY skincare products are often exotic and sometimes complex. You can spend hours researching them, discovering their benefits and properties. As you become a little more advanced in the DIY world, researching ingredients is quite fun. It’s all about finding what works for you and your skin. 

9. It’s fun. 

Preparing your skincare is fun. It allows you to create a custom recipe for your skin and try something new. It’s empowering. It’s inspiring. It helps you get to know yourself a little better. It makes it fun to take care of yourself. Plus, there are several Facebook groups you can join that share the passion. Think of it as a community of like-minded women and some men, all helping each other share their knowledge.

10. You can turn your passion into a profitable business

Creating natural skincare for yourself and your family is fun. However, if you would like to take it a step further, look into signing up for natural skincare courses. You can meet other DIY enthusiasts, learn their tips and tricks, get advice from experts and even find a mentor. The one I would recommend is the UK-based Formula Botanica with a vast array of courses. Whether you are a beginner or have been formulating for a while, there is a course that will fit your needs. I am taking their Diploma in organic skincare formulations, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

The learning platform is easy to navigate and packed with helpful information. You will have access to a support team that you can contact anytime to need help. But that’s not all. All students get access to Formula Botanica’s online classroom. A Facebook group with an incredibly welcoming and supportive community where members connect, support and share their knowledge, their journey and their successes with each other. Many are running their business thanks to the undying support of Formula Botanica’s team. 

Wrapping up

As a skincare enthusiast, I hope you have found this article useful. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, have been formulating for years or are just curious about the DIY world, there is always something new to learn and experience. So what are you waiting for? Get cracking! 

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