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Fragrant DIY Jasmine Body Mist Recipe

Jasmine Body Mist

There is something irresistible about the jasmine scent as it wafts through the air, captivating our senses and pulling us in with its undeniable allure. It is the quintessential summertime scent and one of my personal favourites. So I decided to splash out on a small bottle of jasmine essential oil to create a light body mist one can wear any time, anywhere. Perfect for a summer evening!

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What is Jasmine Body Mist?

Uplifting and moisturising, DIY Jasmine Body Mist is a lighter version of jasmine fragrance, designed to keep you smelling fresh without being overpowering. As it is less concentrated than a fragrance, you’ll need to top up your mist a couple of times throughout the day. All the more reason to reapply. 

Why Do You Need Jasmine Body Mist?

Body mist

There are several reasons you might like to consider adding jasmine body mist to your daily skincare regimen. Apart from keeping you smelling sensual throughout the day, jasmine body mist:

– it is also very hydrating and is a great way to make sure your skin stays moisturised throughout the day

– perfect to layer with complimentary body products like DIY Jasmine Body Lotion

– enhance penetration of body oils, balms or lotions

– it’s an excellent option for people with fragrance sensitivity

– it is good for your skin as it is formulated with ingredients which are natural and gentle to your skin

– it is also a great way to refresh your clothes that’s been stuck in your wardrobe for longer than you’d want to admit

– it is easy to make

– you can customise the scent to suit your preference

– very convenient to use. Just spritz it on whenever and wherever you want.

Jasmine Body Mist Ingredients

Jasmine Body Mist is a water-based product that combines moisturising aloe vera juice with the evocative scent of jasmine absolute, blended with the refreshing scent of lime essential oil and the creamy scent of sandalwood essential oil to hydrate and refresh the skin:

Rose hydrosol: antioxidant, anti-ageing and calming; rose hydrosol is gorgeous floral water used in skincare products to balance skin tone, hydrate, reduce redness and protect the skin from premature ageing. 

Aloe vera juice: praised for its soothing and moisturising effect, Aloe Vera is commonly used in skincare products to hydrate and soften the skin, protect it from environmental stressors, and repair it. 

Jasmine absolute is extracted from the jasmine flowers and is renowned for its evocative scent and potent properties. It works as both a natural fragrance ingredient, helping create the unique jasmine scent, and also serves to tone the skin. From an aromatherapy perspective, it is a firm favourite to calm nerves and restore energy.

Lime essential oil adds a bit of zing to the mix and helps to energise the mind. 

Sandalwood essential oil: the creamy, woody scent of sandalwood essential oil has a calming effect on the mind. In addition, it also helps to bring out notes of jasmine absolute and lime essential oil. 

How to Use Jasmine Body Mist

To make the most out of Jasmine Body Mist, spray it generously directly to the skin before and after applying complementary body oil or lotion. It will help seal in moisture, keeping your skin hydrated and feeling fresh. You can reapply the mist throughout the day whenever you need to refresh or elevate your mood. I like to keep it in the fridge during hot summer days. It’s quite refreshing. 

Fragrant DIYJasmine Body Mist Recipe

Fragrant DIY Jasmine Body Mist Recipe

Recipe by Kay GuptaDifficulty: Beginner Formulator


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Uplifting and moisturising, DIY Jasmine Body Mist will keep you smelling fresh without being overpowering. To make the most out of Jasmine Body Mist, spray it generously directly to the skin before and after applying complementary body oil or lotion. Top up throughout the day.


  • Weigh rose hydrosol, distilled water, aloe vera juice and vegetable glycerin in a glass beaker and set aside.
  • Weight solubiliser, essential oils and vitamin E in another glass beaker and stir till well combined.
  • Add solubiliser-essential oil mixture into the water blend and combine well.
  • Add preservative eco and check the ph of the product using ph strips; it should be between 5.0-5.5. If it’s over 5.5 or below 5.0, adjust before moving to step 4. If the pH of the mist is above 5.5, you can lower it using a drop or two of citric acid solution( 10% citric acid to 90% distilled water). Subsequently, suppose the pH of the foot wash is below 5.0. In that case, you can increase pH by adding a drop or two sodium bicarbonate solutions (10% sodium bicarbonate to 90% distilled water).
  • Bottle the jasmine body mist/body spray, label and date. Store in a fridge for an added cooling effect. 

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Skin Patch Test

  • Carry out a skin patch test before incorporating jasmine body mist into your skincare regimen. Although ingredients used may be well-tolerated by most people, some may be sensitive or even allergic to them. Apply a small amount of the product onto a clear patch of skin and leave it for 24-48 hours. If your skin turns red, itchy, or you experience any irritations, discontinue using the product.
  • Please consult your healthcare professional or a qualified aromatherapist before incorporating essential oils into your skincare regimen if you are pregnant.

Shelf Life and Storage

Body mists, just like most skincare products, don’t last forever. I have added the preservative ECO to the formulae to prevent bacterial growth, and it should last for about a year. However, our kitchens are not microbe-free labs. If you notice any change in smell, colour or texture, dispose of the lotion and whip up a new batch. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. 


high-precision scale

glass beakers

glass rod

mist/spray bottles


Please remember that swapping the ingredients in the formula will alter the final product. Consider how the ingredient you wish to switch will affect the final product’s scent, consistency, or absorbency when making changes. 

Rose floral water is affordable and widely available on the market. If you can’t find it near you, use distilled water instead. The final blend will still smell amazing. 

Aloe Vera offers a plethora of skin benefits. It is available in juice, gel or even powder form from suppliers. However, if you can’t source it, you can use distilled water instead. 

Glycerine is a natural humectant that helps draw moisture to the skin and helps to keep it moisturised. You can swap it for sodium lactate or hyaluronic acid, for example. 

Essential oils: Jasmine absolute is known as a king of essential oils. Its price tag matches its status. It takes many workers to collect delicate tiny flowers to prepare the oil. If you aren’t ready to blow your budget on an essential oil, tuberose oil or ho wood essential oil are suitable substitutes. Before switching essential oils, be mindful that some can cause sensitisation. You can find out more about the safe use of fragrance ingredients by visiting https://ifrafragrance.org.


What essential oils blend well with jasmine essential oil?

Floral base note oils like ylang-ylang, rose, and neroli works well with jasmine essential oil. A touch of citrus oils like lemon, orange and bergamot will add a touch of freshness and brighten up the scent. A few drops of sandalwood will help to fix the aroma. 

Can I use jasmine body mist for my face?

Absolutely. The mist is gentle enough for the face. However, make sure to keep it away from your eyes. If you have an existing skin condition, patch test it first to ensure there are no allergic reactions.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the post and found it helpful. If you are looking for more DIY body mist recipes, you’ll find them in my ebook, which contains 18 of them, including this one.

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