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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Applying Body Mists

The Do's and Don'ts Of Applying Body Mists

Body mists are an incredible way to keep your skin hydrated and make you smell good! Affordable and easy to use, they’re undoubtedly one of the handbag essentials. Yet, there’s an art to applying body mists based on their composition and your needs. Ahead, I share tips on how to use body mists correctly and things to avoid to ensure you get the most out of them.

Do: Apply Directly To The Skin

Alcohol-free natural body mists are light, hydrating and most importantly, refreshing. Their water-based, skin-friendly formula allows you to spritz them all over your body, creating a fragrant cloud one can’t wait to immerse in. To apply, spray body mist to your warm skin as soon as you step out of the shower and layer with complementary body oil or body lotion for extra hydration and a longer-lasting fragrance. A perfect start to the day if you ask me.

Do: Apply Body Mist On Pulse Points

The best way to apply alcohol-based body mists is to naturally warm spots inside your wrists, back of the knees, and behind your ear lobes. Your body heat will help activate, amplify and diffuse a scent. Dab gently onto your skin, allowing it to blend with your skin’s natural oils. For 

Do: Use Body Mist Together With Your Favourite Perfume

Layering complementary scents of a body mist with perfume can adds depth to your signature fragrance. For example, if you’re wearing a floral perfume, combine it with a citrusy and woodsy-scented body mist. While the uplifting citrus tones will add zing to the mix, the woody notes will add depth and warmth. To apply, 

  • Alcohol-free body mist: spritz over your body to enhance and prolong the vibrancy of your fragrance.
  • Body mist with alcohol: apply on pulse points, just like perfume. 

Do: Use Together with Body Lotion

Oil molecules in body mist bind to oil in your skin, creating a perfect canvas for the fragrance to unravel. Layering body lotion over the body mist will help lock the aroma and diffuse it gradually. Combined, you’ll have a beautifully scented treat that will leave your skin nourished and refreshed. 

Do: Use on Your Wardrobe to Freshen Fabric

I love applying body mists to my clothes to help keep them smelling fresh. They’re especially great to use when you’re in the middle of a packing frenzy. Spraying body mists on your folded clothing will add extra fragrance, leaving it smelling like freshly-laundered clothes. However, you should avoid spritzing body mist into easily stained material as botanical pigments often used in natural body mist formulae can stain clothes.

Don’t: Apply to Your Face

It’s important to note that alcohol-based body mists are not meant for application on the face due to their drying nature and higher amount of fragrance. The fragrant compounds in the product may also cause sensitivity, redness and irritation, especially around the delicate eye area. Use a hydrating facial mist instead.

Don’t: Apply Body Mists Near Your Eyes

Avoid spraying body mist near your eyes. Alcohol and fragrance are the two main ingredients in alcohol-based body mists, which can be irritating and dry to the delicate area around your eyes. If you accidentally get some into your eyes, wash the body mist out by running water onto them for 15-20 minutes.

Don’t: Use Body Mist as Setting Spray

Don’t apply body mist to your face as a setting spray. Spritzing body mist on your face will likely aggravate delicate facial skin, causing redness, itching, burning, and stinging. Many body mists contain alcohol, which can be drying for your skin and a higher percentage of essential oils, which can be sensitising. If you want a quick fix for your makeup that won’t aggravate your skin, skip the body spray and use an alcohol-free setting spray instead.

Don’t: Use Body Mist As a Deodorant

While sweat is a natural part of how the body functions, it is often linked to undesirable body odour caused by bacteria that live off it. To eliminate unpleasant body odour, you have to tackle the cause. Deodorants are designed to control body odour by suppressing bacterial growth, whereas body mists are designed to improve body scent. Hence, spritzing body mists on your armpits is pointless as it doesn’t address the cause of the body odour. What’s more, it can also irritate the skin, causing itching and burning. 

Don’t: Apply Body Mist to Your Hair

Over time, alcohol in body mist can dry your hair causing dullness, frizz, splits and breakage. However, if you insist on spraying your hair to make it smell nice, use alcohol-free hydrating body mists. Lightly scented, they may help to hydrate, refresh and protect your locks from dryness. 

Don’t: Use on Your Cats and Dogs

Even though it may be tempting to spritz your pet with your favourite body mist, resist it. Body mists are developed for use by humans and are not safe for cats and dogs as they can cause respiratory irritation, such as coughing, wheezing, and sneezing, and sicken your animal. If you want to apply body mist to your pet, choose products formulated for them and mild enough for them to tolerate.

Wrapping up

I hope this post answered some of your questions about using body mists. Body mists are a multi-purpose product you can use to refresh your skin, hair, and wardrobe. While they’re lovely to use, to make the most out of them, you need to understand how to apply them correctly. If you found this post helpful, don’t forget to share it on your favourite social media pages. Happy spritzing!

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