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Why Shouldn’t You Spritz Body Mist On Your Hair?

Hair Mist

I can think of nothing more soothing than walking through a scented cloud as I step out of the shower. As the tiny droplets hit my skin, a harmonious blend of my favourite body mist helps to mend my frazzled nerves, soothe my senses and lift my mood. So why not spritz a little over hair? 

Many body mists are made with alcohol, like ethanol (ethyl alcohol), which can dry hair causing dullness, frizz, splits and breakage. If you insist on spritzing your hair with body mist to make it smell nice, use alcohol-free formulae, which will help to hydrate and refresh your locks.

Let’s take a look at some of the alternative products you can spritz over your tresses without worrying about the damage they might do to your hair.

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Hair-Friendly Body Mist Alternatives

Hair Body Mists

Unlike traditional, alcohol-based products that can dry your hair and encourage frizz, hair body mists are brimming with botanical compounds that nourish and protect. Light and refreshing, they can be layered all over the body to create a delicate veil of scent. Spritz directly onto hair or spray onto your hairbrush and glide through to disperse the aroma whenever your hair needs freshening up. 

You might like the following options:

Hydrating Hair Mists

Hydrating hair mists containing humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, are great for hair too! They help maintain hair’s integrity by hydrating it, reducing frizziness, plumping it, and hydrating the scalp. Spritz these onto your hair to nourish and boost shine.

When shopping for hydrating hair mists online, consider the following options:

Scented Hair Serums

Hair serums are light, and they don’t weigh down your hair. They help to nourish hair from root to tip and prevent frizz. Spray some in your hand, warm it up, then run your fingers through locks from the middle of your strands to the end to revive and enhance your hair’s natural look. 

If hair serum is for you, you might like:

  • A lightweight Tame Hair Serum from Aesop helps soften the hair, taming frizziness and flyaway strands for a smooth, sleek appearance. Enriched with panthenol and essential oils, it will leave you with an elegant herbaceous and citrus fragrance.

Ingredients to Look For In Hair-Friendly Mists

While you’ll want to avoid ethyl alcohol in your haircare, keep an eye out for formulas with nutrient-dense, plant-based ingredients like carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, and plant-derived ingredients like proteins, peptides and ceramides. They will provide much more nourishment to your hair and scalp than regular hair care products. 

Carrier oils, like sunflower and coconut oil, are great for your hair. They absorb readily, and the range of fatty acids in these oils promote hair growth, protect hair from damage, and help moisturise your scalp to keep it healthy.

Essential oils, on the other hand, are fragrant and aromatic. They stimulate your mind and improve hair health. For example, pick hair mists or serums with peppermint, rosemary and/or cedarwood essential oil if you’d like to improve your hair’s thickness or growth. For a flake-free scalp, opt for hair mists with tea tree and lemongrass essential oil.

Herbal extracts can also be an excellent way to improve hair elasticity. Look for a product that contains eucalyptus to enhance your hair’s shine and bounce. On the other hand, rosemary helps stimulate hair growth and increase shine.

Fatty alcohols: Not all alcohols are damaging to your hair. Fatty alcohols like stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol and cetearyl alcohol can hydrate and lubricate the hair. 

Tips for Choosing a Hair Mist

When it comes to picking your hair mist, consider things like ingredients, benefits, scent, and alternate uses. 

If you want to moisturise your hair, choose a mist that has nourishing oil ingredients like coconut oil and sunflower seed oil. Avocado oil is another excellent option if you are looking for an ingredient that will leave your hair looking luminous. 

A mist enriched with essential oils will do the trick if you want to make your hair smell nice. Pick a scent that suits your mood and personality. For example, if you like fresh, light fragrances, look for uplifting citrus oils in mists like grapefruit or lemongrass. If you prefer woodsy aromas, check out cedarwood oil. Not only does it smell good, but it also soothes your scalp and leaves your locks looking shinier.

If you’re on the budget, try to make your own body mists. They are easy to make, and producing your own will allow you to control what goes in, create mists that will nurture your hair and develop scents to match your spirit. 


The next time you’re in the market for a hair mist, pay close attention to ingredients and look for the ones enriched with botanical extracts. They will help nourish and protect your hair and scalp long-term.


What’s the difference between hair mist and body mist?

Washing and styling your hair can leave it looking dry, broken and dull. Hair mists are formulated with nourishing ingredients like plant oils, essential oils and plant-derived proteins. They lock in moisture, smoothen the hair and boost shine for a healthy look. On the other hand, body mists are formulated to hydrate, nourish and refresh your skin. There are multitaskers, of course, that can be applied all over the body. 

Why is alcohol used in hair mists?

Ethyl alcohol is known for its quick drying properties. The short structure of the molecules in the alcohol allows it to evaporate quickly, which is one of its main benefits. Apart from that, blending fragrance and/or essential oils with alcohol will also help control the longevity of the scent.

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